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***Note: If a kitten is listed as evaluating, it means that they are being watched for show/breeders. If interested, inquire about availability.

Photos updated 4/23/17

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GC, RW Celestrail Klarysa DBT       Father: DCH Celestrail Dmitry's Perfect 10       Birthdate: February 21, 2017

Mad Hatter, male seal mitted, reserved Cheshire Cat, male blue lynx bicolor
with tail tip, reserved
Alice, female seal mitted with
blaze and tail tip, pending reserved
White Rabbit, male red lynx bicolor, reserved    

Celestrail Bessie Janae       Father: GC Koc-Pol Amante of Celestrail       Birthdate: February 28, 2017

Faline, female blue point, evaluating Bambi, male blue lynx mitted, evaluating Thumper, male blue mitted, evaluating
Flower, male blue mitted, available