The Ragdoll breed has been a favorite of ours for years. Our daughter, Sarah, discovered a Ragdoll in a book while in elementary school. She was fascinated with their history and characteristics and read everything she could about the cats. Even though we didn't acquire one at that time, she never forgot about this amazing breed and continued to ask for a Ragdoll of her own. Finally, 10 years later (after she graduated from college), she got her wish when we brought home our first pair of beautiful Ragdolls to begin our cattery.

Knowing of our deep love and devotion to cats, it came as no surprise to our friends when we decided to start a cattery. We have made a pledge to keep CelesTrail Cats small in order to give every kitten and cat plenty of love, affection, and personal play-time. Our Ragdolls will leave our home at 12 weeks of age, well adjusted and ready to join their new families as happy, healthy, and fun-loving companions.

We have became friends with many incredible breeders who have given us a wealth of guidance and encouragement. We thank them ALL for their willingness to share their knowledge and years of experience with us! With the loving assistance we have received from so many, we have not entered into this venture alone. Thank you, all, for believing in us!

Steve & Lynne Chmelar

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